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If you have a classified ad you would like to place on this page, just e-mail it to us and we will gladly post it.  Ads are free.  If you are selling a piece of gear, looking to start a band or have any other announcements, let us know.

Check out the excellent music website GUNSHY

Check out the website for Jessica Westhead, a very talented Toronto based writer and editor

And now, the latest news from The Ceiling:  (January 2009)
Happy new year to you all.

Now that all the holiday merriment is over, and economic collapse really
starts to sink in, buy records to make yourself feel better, and save
starving artists from eating their own output (analogue tastes better than

*please note prices include postage in North America only. All other
territories, please add $2 per disc.

THE INFANT CYCLE- A Mysterious Disc CDR (The Ceiling, Canada) $10 CAD / $8
A mysterious disc!

THE INFANT CYCLE- Secret Hidden Message 7" EP (Drone Records, Germany) $10
CAD / $8 USD
Released on Germany's highly-regarded curated 7" series comes three
exclusive Infant Cycle tracks. Listen for the message within the folds of
shifting sound masses and dreams made from inhaling instrument fumes, or
as Drone Records themselves succinctly put it: "File under Multi-Layed
Drone Hypnotism". First edition of 300 copies in multi-layed hand-made
cover and smoky grey translucent vinyl.

Paypal is accepted- please sent to

As always, plenty more to be had from our site,

Click here to view the catalog for WreckAge recordings in Montreal offers some of the lowest prices for professional and custom Graphic Design and Photo Editing services. Providing musicians, individuals and business with custom designed: logos, business cards, flyers, websites and web banners as well as offering image optimization and manipulation of press photos, family photos and products. For full service listings and prices visit and contact for a free quote on your next project; big or small!


Here, in its entirety, is the most recent issue of DigiFreq. This excellent resource is published every so often by Scott Garrigus, and it is always loaded with valuable information for pro and amateur electronic musicians. If you want to subscribe, please contact Scott at:
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Scott R. Garrigus' DigiFreq(TM) - NewTechReview Relaunch

ISSN: 1531-6505; Issue 35
Music technology downloads, news, articles, reviews, tips and tutorials for home recording and professional musicians. Over 20,000 readers can't be wrong!

SPONSORED BY: RealTraps Portable Vocal Booth - 10% off!
RealTraps is pleased to announce their newest product, the Portable Vocal Booth. This clever device mounts on any microphone stand to create a highly controlled environment for recording vocals and spoken narration in acoustically hostile spaces.

Unlike other products that are too small to be effective in noisy or live sounding environments, or that color the sound, the RealTraps Portable Vocal Booth is much larger comprising a pair of 2 by 2 foot absorbing panels in a fully adjustable V shape. The integrated base attaches easily and securely to any inexpensive microphone boom stand. The RealTraps Portable Vocal Booth can also be placed directly on a table or other flat surface.

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Scott's Notes - NewTechReview Relaunch

In this issue, you'll find new articles (NI Kontakt Tone Machine, Principles of Sound Design, Reason Song Sections, Music Marketing), new downloads (MIDI Drum Loops, Audio Editor, Reason Tutorial Package, EZPlayer, Overtone GEQ), new announcements (Solid Rock, Composers Collection, Pocketrak, EastWest Pianos), new discussions (MySpace, Vocoder, Music Theory, Hum Eliminator). And you could win a free product from SoundTech!

Our sibling publication, NewTechReview is back and better than ever. Similar to DigiFreq, NewTechReview has a free newsletter and web site where you can find a lot of quality information. The difference is that NewTechReview covers consumer technology, software, hardware, and cool gadgets. We've added new Articles and Downloads sections where you can find informative tips and techniques as well as free software downloads that are useful for most everyone. And you can win free products from brand-name manufacturers. Check out NewTechReview today at:

And if you want to sign up for the latest NewTechReview contest, go to:

In addition to the print content, the Sonar 7 Power book provides additional bonus chapters and appendices that are available for free download.

This bonus content includes the following:
* Chapter 15: Making Sheet Music
* Chapter 16: Studio Control with StudioWare and Sysx
* Chapter 17: CAL 101
* Chapter 18: Advanced CAL Techniques
* Appendix A: Backup Up Your Project Files
* Appendix B: Producing for Multimedia and the Web

To get these bonus chapters, go to the Downloads section of the Sonar 7 Power book page at the Power Books web site. You'll also find an errata page there listing all the known errors in the book since it was published. Go to the Power Books section at:

In previous issues, I gave a special thanks to all those who have posted nice reviews about my books over at Amazon. The great reviews keep coming in, so additional thanks go to: Glen E. Rohrer, Anonymous, Karl E. Sandfort, and Alex S. Fishburn. If you have already purchased my Sonar 6 or Sonar 7 Power books and would like to post a nice review on Amazon, go to:

Sonar 6 Power:

Sonar 7 Power:

Thanks for reading DigiFreq! Enjoy the issue...


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DFreqDEALS - 10% off Groove Monkee, Acon, Precision, Groovebox, DOD

Get 10% off all Groove Monkee products - Use coupon code: DF10
Featured product: Rock MIDI Grooves for EZDrummer

Get 10% off all Acon Digital products - Use coupon code: 6AE1-481F
Featured product: Acoustica Premium Pro Audio Editing and Mastering

Get 10% off Precisionsound - Coupon code: adigiprecisionfreq
Featured product: Kloo Mandolin Sound Library

Get 10% off all Groovebox Video Training - Use coupon code: freq1
Featured product: Music Production with Reason 4

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Featured product: Volume 10: Solid Rock

Find these (and more) great deals at:

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DFreqMUSIC - Past Music Listings

There are no new music listings for this issue, but there are plenty of past listings to browse in the DigiFreq Music web site area:

And if you're serious about your music, promote it by submitting it
to DigiFreq today:

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DFreqNEWS - iZotope RX, Solid Rock, Pocketrak, EastWest Pianos

Some of the latest music technology news:

iZotope RX Audio Restoration Plug-Ins

Drums On Demand - Turbocharge Your Tracks With Solid Rock - 10% off!

EastWest Introduces The Complete Composers Collection

Yamaha Launches Pocketrak 2G Pocket Recorder

EastWest Quantum Leap Pianos Now Shipping

EastWest Symphonic Orchestra for PLAY

eMedia Learn To Play Keyboard Pack

eMedia My Guitar Video Tutorial

SoundTech Vocal Trainer

For more of the latest music technology news, go to:

Also, be sure to check out the latest consumer technology news at:

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DFreqREVIEWS - Past Music Technology Reviews

There are no new reviews for this issue, but there are plenty of past reviews to browse in the DigiFreq Reviews web site area:


Also, for some of the latest consumer technology reviews, go to:

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DFreqDISCUSS - MySpace, Vocoder, Music Theory, Hum Eliminator

Some of the latest music technology discussions:

Using MySpace to Promote My Music

How to use Cakewalk Pentagon as a Vocoder

Great Acoustic Guitar Synth Sounds?

Learning Music Theory

Pro Quality Budget Studio Microphone?

Nearfield Audio Monitor Placement

Hum Eliminator

Hand held Digi-recorders anyone?

To read up on other interesting topics, or to post and get answers to your own questions, go to:

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DFreqARTICLES - Reason Sections, Kontakt Tone Machine, Sound Design

Some of the latest music technology articles:

Propellerhead Reason - Working With Song Sections

Taming Native Instruments Kontakt Tone Machine (Part 1)

Taming Native Instruments Kontakt Tone Machine (Part 2)

Principles of Sound Design (Part 1)

Principles of Sound Design (Part 2)

Optimizing your Music & Audio PC (Part 1)

Optimizing your Music & Audio PC (Part 1)

For more of the latest music technology articles, go to:

Also, be sure to check out the latest consumer technology articles:

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DFreqTIPS - Past Music Technology Tips

There are no new tips for this issue, but there are plenty of past tips to browse in the DigiFreq Tips web site area:

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DFreqDOWNLOADS - Groove Monkee, Wavosaur, Ezplayer, Overtone GEQ

Some of the latest music technology downloads:

Groove Monkee - 300 Free MIDI Drum Loops (Mac/Windows - Free)

Wavosaur Digital Audio Editor (Windows - Free)

Teaching Music with Propellerhead Reason Tutorial Package (Mac/Windows - Free)

Toontrack EZplayer Free MIDI File Organizer (Mac/Windows - Free)

Voxengo Overtone GEQ 7-Band Graphic Equalizer (Mac/Windows - Free)

Cakewalk SONAR 7.0.2 Update (Windows - Free)

Boxsounds Replacer - Drum Replacer (Windows - Free)

For more of the latest music technology downloads, go to:

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DFreqCONTEST - SoundTech LightSnake Audio or MIDI to USB

Congratulations to Ann F and Jonathan H for winning the Cakewalk Drumatic Drum Loops contest! (Winners are notified by e-mail).

For those of you that didn't win, you can find some great MIDI drum loops from Groove Monkee or audio drum loops from Drums On Demand. Best of all, we were able to get a special 10% discount just for DigiFreq readers. Check it out on the DigiFreq Deals web page:

For the current contest, DigiFreq is giving away some cool SoundTech products. Three lucky winners will each walk away with a LightSnake Audio or MIDI to USB cable! Details can be found on the DigiFreq Contest page.

Remember, you have to be a subscriber to be eligible for contests, and as long as you remain a subscriber, you are automatically entered into each contest. For more information go to:

PS. It also doesn't hurt to get a free account over at the DigiFreq Forums:

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DFreqFINISH - Sign Up For the DigiFreq Forums Now!

Yes, I know... there are a lot of music and home recording forums available on the Internet, but the DigiFreq Forums are special. Not only am I there every day, we also have a dedicated group of people that are ready to answer your questions.

Yes, I know... you probably already have a favorite forum at which to hang out on a regular basis, but the DigiFreq Forums are special. They are open, friendly, and free of junk or troublemakers.

Suffice it to say... if you're reading the DigiFreq newsletter, but not visiting the Forums, then you are missing out on a big part of the services that DigiFreq provides for you. Go to the forums today and register for your free account:
Register at:

Main Forums page:

Come on over to hang out, make new friends, and share your thoughts... and of course, get answers to any questions you may have.

Thanks and I'll see you there!


DigiFreq(TM) is provided for informational purposes only. Any damage resulting from the use of the information herein is the sole responsibility of the reader.

Copyright 2008 by Scott R. Garrigus. All Rights Reserved.
DigiFreq, PO Box 458, Stafford Springs, CT 06076 USA

Please tell your friends about DigiFreq. If you'd like to recommend this newsletter to a friend, go to:

To access back issues, go to:

Here is the website for Antarctica, a great dark electronic act from Moncton.

Check out this great site that lists many rare bootlegs by several 80s New Wave bands

Here's what's been going on lately with the excellent VVVU label in Fredericton:

- Syd Barrett's Privateers (from Sydney, NS) finally recorded enough material for an EP. Released earlier this year on VVVU Music, it was a radio-only release (not for sale) because the band donated the EP to Sound Aid's online mission to help cure world hunger through music. You can hear the songs on the Sound Aid site:

- Vulva Underground, a trio of lesbian feminists from the Annapolis Valley, released their 2nd EP on VVVU Music just two weeks ago. The girls have a very refreshing sense of humour (see a pic of the album cover on our site ). You can hear the song "Pussolini" from the new EP as well as two tracks from their previous EP on their CBC R3 site:

Click here to see an online version of the great zine Second Life. A must for anyone who loves second-hand shopping!

The latest from The Ceiling:


We've updated our site with the new additions to our catalogue. Two new
items in our stock boxes to climb in and inhabit...

All prices are in Canadian (CAD) and American (USD) currency with postage
paid in North America. Please read the ordering instructions at our site
for more info on additional prices overseas.

THE INFANT CYCLE/UPHOLD- Our Past Present (Now Then) 2x3" CDR (Afe
Records, Italy) $14 CAD / $13.30 USD
One disc each from the Canadian soundscapers, featuring deep glacier-wash
soundscapes, fidgety crackles and pops, unexpected twists and turns, and
disquieting tales. Limited to 100 copies.

DAVID WELLS- Efegin 3" CDR (SiRiDisc, UK) $10 CAD / $9.50 USD
Based on the master tapes of The Infant Cycle's track "Ephedrin Bird
Samba", David Wells coaxes out the drones buried deep in that track into a
20 minute glide through harmonic and textural shifts, drones
simultaneously warm and dark. Signed and numbered edition of 100 copies.

Paypal is welcome @

For more info and other items offered by the ceiling, please visit :

Check out the music of Local Luminary, an electronic musician from Sackville, NB.


For Sale: "Lesson One" Electronic "learning machine", for children. Circa 1981. See details and photo on this website---go to "Oddities". Screen lights up, but probably doesn't work. Repairable??? Make Offer. E-mail:

Check out the website of Pierre Parenteau, a very talented young electronic musician from Montreal who records under the name Sample Science.

Click here to visit the web page of Bruce Atchison, a writer and electronic musician from Western Canada.

Click here to visit "Prepal", a great website for finding the average prices of used synthesizers (and other equipment) on the internet.







The pictured items are for sale from Don Longton. You can contact him at:

Alesis 1622 16 channel mixer $350 Exc. cond.

Alesis HR16 Drum machine $100 mint

Alesis Compresser/Limiter $60

Roland Super JX10 76 keys,has a couple of keys with no sound (easily fixed) a few small scratches but great cond.

Kawai K1 module $125 extra cards good cond

Akai S612 sampler with disk drive $100 good cond.





Check out this great website that discusses outdated technologies such as tape machines, turntables, etc.

If you like reel to reel tape recorders as much as I do, you have to check this out.