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Interview With Holophonic Porno

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Listen to Holophonic Porno

Holophonic Porno are an excellent alternative/electronica band who hail from Fredericton, New Brunswick. I first heard their music on MySpace and I was immediately impressed. I was delighted to discover such a great band in my home province! Their songs are well constructed, dark electro-goth tracks with plenty of power.

I recently chatted with Tonella and James about their band's music....

1. Please tell us about how Holophonic Porno was formed. When did the band get together?

Well, that's a tough question. James had been looking for a female vocalist to work with since 2002, and never had much luck in the area. I was looking for someone to co-write music with as well, who had a certain edge. We got together in 2006, and seemed to compliment each other's skills very well. We set out to write a collection of songs, with the intention to later amass a band to tour with. Now that the album is finished, we've started to rehearse with the guys.

So I guess you could say Holophonic Porno was slowly formed over the course of the last year.

2. How would you describe your music?

Heavy, pop, rock, electronika, with a splash of sonic orgasm.

3. Who would you say are your biggest influences?

I feel that we have drawn from many different genres of music for inspiration. Garbage, NIN, Metric, and Shiny Toy Guns have had a definitive impact on the direction of the music, whereas our individual influences are present in the songs.

4. I understand that your first CD will be released very soon. Where will people be able to find it?

It will be available for online sales (Puretracks, iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, MSN, Music Match, and others). We are seeking national distribution, so it should be available in stores as well. Check our site for further news about purchasing the album. :D

5. Do you plan to do some live shows in support of the CD?


We've started rehearsals and the album should be released in a month or so, and then we will begin touring.

6. I've noticed that not only does Holophonic Porno create very strong songs, but you also seem to place an emphasis on a strong visual element. Do you think it is important for bands nowadays to have a memorable visual presence?

We think that it is important that the band has an image that matches their music, and really portrays who they are. It's all about creative expression, and as long as it's genuine, then that's where it's at. You can probably find any of us on a regular day looking pretty much the same as we do in the pictures. Ok, well some of us are a bit freakier than others...but I'm not telling who!^_^

7. Is songwriting divided evenly amongst the band members, or are there one or two members in particular who do most of the songwriting?

All the songs were written by James and myself (Tonella). James was the musical mastermind behind a majority of the songs and I dealt mainly with the lyrical content and melodies. On the album, James performed everything except for drums and the odd part here and there. He also recorded, mixed and mastered. He was a busy boy, to say the least!

8. Do you enjoy spending time in the studio, or would you rather perform live?

Both are enjoyable, for different reasons. Its great to be in the studio, writing and creating, being meticulous with every minor detail. On the other hand, it's fantastic to play live, where you can share your music with an audience. When your playing live, you're connecting with the crowd, making their asses groove. It's a lot of fun.

9. What do you think of the music scene in Fredericton? What do you think are its strengths and weaknesses?

We have a strong music scene in Fredericton. There are many talented acts, in varying genres. If you're in an Indie Pop mood, Grand Theft Bus, The Fussy Part and Chillin' Room are a great time. If your into Blues, Ross Neilson and the Sufferin' Bastards will knock your undergarments right off your ass. We've also got a pretty rockin' metal/punk scene (We The Undersigned, Ambi In The Rust, Cross Town Rivals). Fredericton's music scene weaknesses seem to fall under places to play, and more or less, that we are geographically challenged. It's difficult for talented acts to get their music out there, and find the infrastructural support to do it.

10. Is there a particular piece of gear or software that you use in the studio that you find extremely useful?

James: Everything I use is important and useful (it's a really long list of stuff) but my babies are the TASCAM DM-3200 and the TL AUDIO 5052 preamp/compressor/eq.

11. Would you say that there are any common themes in your songs that you frequently like to address?

Obsession. Obsession with people, circumstances, truth, life, the inability to cope, pressure. Hahah... thanks, I think we just figured out the name of the album. You heard it first!!!

12. Any last words?

Trading toothbrushes with the guy who lives in the cardboard box may seem like a good idea at the time, but ask yourself... what's more important... Herpes or helping the needy!